The Latest News on Ticks & Tips on Prevention

The Latest News on Ticks & Tips on Prevention

For most people, summer usually means the great outdoors. Hiking, baseball games, s’mores by the fire and backyard barbecues are some favorite outdoor pastimes we enjoy here in Pennsylvania. But one thing might come in the way of truly enjoying your summer – pests like ticks and mosquitoes, which are threatening to make this the buggiest season yet.

Unfortunately, the past winter and spring set the stage to have a particularly pest-filled summer. With extremely wet and mild weather came an increase in pest populations. Mosquitoes only require an inch of water to lay their eggs so there are many possibilities for breeding grounds. Gutters, tire wells, grill covers and even outdoor children’s toys all become hosts for mosquitoes. Yards with a lot of dense brush are more likely to have ticks, so you want to make sure you stay on top of your landscaping. Also, homes with pets are more susceptible to having ticks around.

As these bug populations are increasing, illness and disease are increasing as well. The state that has seen the most tick and vector-borne diseases happen to be Pennsylvania. According to Reader’s Digest, Pennsylvania has seen more than 73,610 tick-borne diseases between 2004 and 2016. Some of these illnesses and diseases include Lyme disease, yellow fever, and West Nile. Other lesser-known illnesses include ehrlichiosis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Referenced in the Reader’s Digest article is the CDC study that shows disease cases from mosquitoes and ticks have tripled over the last 12 years, and the trend is still increasing.

Quick Tips for Spending Time Outside

Since Pennsylvania has such a high pest population, here are some helpful tips for spending time outside:

  1. Check for ticks on both you and your pets when coming in from heavily wooded areas. (Ticks like to hide in warm areas, so make sure you check in folds of skin. On animals, this includes under the arms, in between the toes, and in their ears.)
  2. Keep grass mowed and trees trimmed and avoid overgrown vegetation.
  3. Move wood piles away from your home.
  4. Regularly empty what we call “problem areas” such as ponds, bird baths, fountains, buckets, or anywhere else water may gather.

The best way to stay on top of this increase in pest population is to call the experts at Mosquito Joe of West Chester at 610-228-0938. One of our professionals can talk you through the process of having your yard sprayed. Right now, we are offering a $49 spray, up to a half acre, for first-time customers. Get your property treated now so that you can enjoy your beautiful yard while you still can!

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