How To Rid Your Event From Pests This Fall

How To Rid Your Event From Pests This Fall

As the heat of the summer starts to wind down in West Chester, Pennsylvania, we can start planning for fun fall outdoor celebrations and events. According to The Knot, 40 to 43 percent of Pennsylvania couples are choosing to get married in the fall. West Chester, PA offers a wide range of venues for your wedding or outdoor events, including barns, parks, preserves, manors and golf clubs. A beautiful outdoor event seems like it would be a fairytale come true, except for one thing: pesky party crashers in the form of ticks and mosquitoes.

Just because summer is winding down doesn’t mean that ticks are becoming less likely to be seen in your area. In fact, adult stage ticks begin to become active as the season starts to change from summer to fall. In the Northeastern U.S., many adult ticks start to become more rampant at the beginning of October, and they will remain active through the winter as long as the temperatures are above freezing, and the ground is not frozen or covered by snow.

Mosquitoes don’t disappear with the fall season, either. It takes several days of below 50-degree weather for mosquitoes to start becoming less active. The average temperature in the fall in the West Chester area is 56 degrees, meaning that we could end up seeing mosquitoes for a lot longer than anyone would want.

However, there are a few things you can do to combat mosquitoes and ticks head on. For mosquitoes, think about what time of day they are most likely to strike, and therefore bite, your guests. Swatting and itching will be heaviest from dusk to dawn, so planning your event around those hours will help with festivity enjoyment. You can also include small fans around the venue in order to keep the air circulating and the mosquitoes at bay. Another tip is to include mosquito repelling plants and flowers around your venue that typically repel mosquitoes like lavender, marigolds and citronella.

For tick defense, rosemary helps to keep ticks at bay and could make for a beautiful favor. Some people have even found garlic essential oil to help prevent ticks bites which you could have readily available at different ‘bug fighting’ stations along with bug spray.

Of course, the only way to be fully prepared in fighting against mosquitoes and ticks would be to get your outside area sprayed by a professional Mosquito Joe technician. We recommend getting your outdoor party space sprayed several days before your event occurs. Mosquito Joe of West Chester can come to your event location in advance and apply a barrier treatment spray that will ensure your guests don’t suffer mosquito or tick bites. Our sprays will dry within 30 minutes and will add the protection needed so you can relax and enjoy your outdoor event.

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