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Mosquito Joe is passionate about fighting mosquitoes and giving back to the communities in which we operate. Not only were we build on the idea of allowing people to spend time in their yards, but also on the notion of protecting people against insect-borne diseases. Which is why Mosquito Joe is making headlines about mosquito control services and how we are making outside fun again.

Preparing for Ticks and Mosquitoes

March/April 2018
As the weather is heating up, mosquitoes can be a concern for anyone looking to enjoy the outdoors, especially around water. In an article, recently published by Mosquito Joe Owner Jeff Huckabee, you can learn all about how to can take action with preventative care. Click to read more.

Chester County sees Uptick in Lyme Disease Cases

July 2017

Check out the most recent article we were featured in where Mosquito Joe of West Chester PA owner, Jeff Huckabee outlines the dangers of tick-borne diseases. “Blacklegged ticks — also called deer ticks — carry Lyme disease and travel on mice and deer, as well as rabbits, foxes and other mammals. The ticks can be found in tall grasses and brush and transfer to a host when the host brushes against them, said Jeff Huckabee, the owner of a local Mosquito Joe franchise based in West Chester.” Read the full article here.

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Mosquito Joe sees success in Chester County

November 2016

When C’Anne and her family first moved to their home, they often enjoyed eating outside when the weather was fine. But soon enough, mosquitoes and gnats began feasting on the Wofford’s instead. So they reluctantly retreated inside, driven there by swarms of these pesky and sometimes disease-bearing insects. This is where Mosquito Joe comes in; an outdoor pest-control company with two new Chester County franchises. Click to read more.

Franchisee Voices: Jeff Huckabee of Mosquito Joe

January 2017

After working in nuclear and petroleum engineering, as well as serving in the military, Huckabee retired into franchise ownership in a brand new industry. Learn how Mosquito Joe of Westchester PA, owner and operator, Jeff Huckabee went from nuclear bombs to bug bombs in this article by 1851 Franchise.