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Only 1 mosquito bite after the very first treatment!

Douglas S
Jul 15, 2018

Very pleased with both the outcome of your service ( no mosquito bites thus far ) and the performance of your service. Justin and his partner are doing an excellent job. Keep it going ! Cliff Franks

Cliff F
Jul 15, 2018

Mosquito Joe took care of the tick and ant issue, they were very prompt and efficient and personable. I highly recommend giving them a call if you have an insect issue.

Julie B
Jul 01, 2018

I have no comment on the technical side, however , I am looking for a more competitive price.

International M
Jun 21, 2018

1. I always get the box checked that my yard needs attention regarding standing water. More specific feedback about what I need to do would be helpful. 2. We are so happy to be able to have fun and play outside at our house. My husband has been to a few backyard gatherings with the other dads in our neighborhood and commented on how buggy it was, and how that took away from the night. He said he really noticed a significant difference and it so happy not to have to worry about that at our house. 3. Ticks were my biggest concern because of the deer in our neighborhood and several local families having to deal with lymes disease. I am so happy to report that I've only seen 1 tick on anyone in our house since we started with mosquito joe, and that was early last year. With 3 kids and one on the way this is a huge relief.

Susan M
Jun 19, 2018

Haven't had a single bite this season! Impressive since we've had so much rain.

Karen S
Jun 04, 2018

We love the service, our backyard is so much better! The only negative is price differences. My dad has much more property than me and pays less. Kind of frustrating.

Nina H
Jun 04, 2018

Once we began service, we saw no ticks and had minimal mosquito activity. Mosquito Joe is reasonably prices and provides prompt service.

Mick Y
Jun 02, 2018

So far so good. Only one treatment so fsr

Robert R
Jun 02, 2018

The cost is something that I don’t think many of my neighbors would be comfortable with. That being siad they aren’t comfortable with many other costs in home improvement. There is another concern on our area (Trugreen) that has been soliciting our area. They are less expensive. That would be a definite factor. I have been happy with the service but it is something I will think about too.

Janet V
May 18, 2018